Sunday, September 28, 2008

Meet the Rather Aloof Cecilia!

Selvage quilter Jodie, of Balarat, Australia is so funny! She says her selvage scarf is modeled by the "rather aloof Cecilia!" We would add "Bless her heart" to avoid hurting Cecilia's feelings:)

Jodie says she used 1,134 inches of selvages to make this scarf. Yikes! I never thought of adding up that statistic. She stops short of calculating the price of that much fabric. (Unless you buy the fabric just for the selvage, I consider it free.)

Visit Jodie's blog at:


CJ said...

I LIKE THIS SCARF!!!! I need more selvages. Hmph :}

Selvage Quilter said...

Jodie told me that this mannequin was her daughter's Christmas gift, (I don't know if that means she gave it to her daughter, or her daughter gave it to her) but Jodie finds it very useful. What a creative pair they are!