Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chasing Seagulls

Yes I've been chasing seagulls from the beach into Long Island Sound so I can get some photos of their beautiful wings. Aren't they beautiful? I paid them with some bread from the Cracker Barrel. 

The topic for September's Camera Club competition is "Nature." These are some of my favorites from about 300 photos! Some shots don't even have a bird in them. LOL


stitchinpenny said...

My BIL makes fun of me, but my attitude is that pixels are free so I take as many pictures as I can and if I get a couple of goods ones I am happy. I used to compose forever and get the lighting, composition and shadow perfect before I clicked the shutter. Now my favorite picture is one I snapped as I passed a butterfly while I was hiking. I love it. 300 pictures and you got at least 3 you like fantastic.

Mary said...

My parents had a little beach cottage right next to Rocky Neck State Park when we were growing up. Summers were always magical there. I'm taking a trip up to New England with my 85 year old mother this fall and we plan to spend a day back in Giant's Neck. I'm planning to take loads of pictures whiles we're there. Love your pictures!