Friday, August 31, 2012

New Plaid Weave Quilt Pattern!

This new scrap quilt pattern goes together so easily. When you see how it works and view the variations, you'll be designing your own plaid blocks in no time at all. Great stash-buster pattern for the long Labor Day weekend! 

 I'm going to make a big quilt this weekend, with lots of different plaid blocks. They go together pretty fast. This quilt and pattern took just 2 days from start to finish. And I got a good night's sleep in there too. Haha. The quilt is only 20" x 27," but still. 

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


stufenzumgericht said...

Dear Karen,
such a stunning pattern, when I saw it on your blog, I had to order it immediately ;-) I'm fine, thanks! Have a nice weekend, Martina

JoAnne said...

Karen, you've done it again! I was just getting ready to print (finally!) your last pattern that I ordered and here's another I "need"! It so pretty!

Kim said...

Your creative juices are really flowing this summer! Nice going with another great pattern.

Happy Sewing