Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Report 3 - Monday Evening

Here's the latest progress on the quilt. Storm raging. Sounds scary outside, but we're cozy here. 
I hope you are all well!


June Calender said...

Prints are fascinating especially set off with white like that. Do you call this a "modern" quilt? I'm finding this new movement with so much white and simple quilting designs very refreshing.

Swedish Scrapper said...

Hope you get alot done! I have family "back East" that I hope are digging in too. Here in Sweden, just a litle snow, and I think it will stick now.

Dolores said...

Waiting for family to make it safely from across the country. Flight said it's delayed so hopefully not too long.
We had wind and rain earlier. It seems to come and go. There is a wind advisory in effect and we are supposed to get flooding in some lower parts of the city but we live high up.
It's an interesting quilt you're working on.

Jackie said...

Hehehe... I am working with African prints too! I like it with the white. Wind is whipping here... power surges, and outages, but okay for now. Stay safe, Karen.

QuiltSwissy said...

Love those prints, they are fabulous. Very strange to watch the hurricane hit someone else. Stay safe and sound.

glen in Louisiana

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt and what a great reprieve to see this vs the continuous weather reports. I am in Ohio so we are getting rain with some big wind gusts. Chance of a snow mix tonite. All my joints ache so weather is kickin it up! Take care EVERYONE wherever you are!

Kim said...

Wow that was not a fun storm! it sounded like a freight train running down our street all day and night. I'm pleased to report we came through with no power outage or damage to the house, the trees are looking ragged but I think after some clean up all will be well.
My heart goes out to those with so much damage!
My daughter is stuck at a friend's house in Brooklyn with no mass transit running she maybe there a while...she can't get into Manhattan to work. Life in gonna be tough in NYC for a while.

Happy sewing, love this bright and cheery pattern, the fabrics make it sing!