Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stylish Casual Wear for Quilters!

One night recently I couldn't sleep so I looked at the tutorial videos on YouTube to see how to print tee-shirts. So this is my first design: "Pink Log Cabin." Aren't they nice? 

I browsed through my closet and picked out my favorite tee-shirts. It turns out that they were all made by the same company, Gildan Ultra Cotton. So that was easy. I ordered light pink. And some high quality fabric paint in up-to-date colors.

THE BASICS: These are 100% cotton, preshrunk, hand-painted, colorfast, machine washable and dry-able, nice quality, and available in my Etsy store for $20 in Small, Medium, Large, X Large and XX Large. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Come back tomorrow to see the bloopers. Yup, the practice shirts. Hee hee.


JoAnne said...

Karen,I love them! That's the block on the quilt I bought from you! I'm going to order a t-shirt! You are so very multi-talented!

PT in SC said...

Love the log cabin, can't believe it doesn't have more votes.