Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quilt Show Starts Monday at the New England Air Museum

The "Flights & Fantasies" Quilt Show will be held at the New England Air Museum from September 16-22. There will be more than 150 quilts including Dear Jane quilts, the Sandy Hook Tribute Quilt, and the miniature challenge "Flights & Fantasies."  Author Marie Bostwick and quilt historian Sue Riech will speak. The vendors will be there on Saturday and Sunday. This should be a great show. I can't wait.

I'll have three quilts in the show: "Fandango," "When This You See, Remember Me," and "Red Zinger."  


JoAnne in southern California said...

How exciting! I wish I could be there with you! Have fun!

Shelley said...

I WAS there! I saw your quilts. Beautiful! I have 2 quilts hanging there. I didn't know you lived so close.