Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sandy Hook Tribute Quilt

The Sandy Hook Tribute Quilt, named "Forget-Me-Not 12-14-12," was made by Don Beld and Bernice Foster. This 60" x 60" mourning quilt commemorates the tragic shooting in Newtown, CT. The pieced border block is called "Connecticut." 

Each of the 27 blue forget-me-not flowers represents a victim. There are also 27 blue leaves on the willow tree. The names and ages are written in the border. This quilt is modeled after mourning quilts and samplers popular in the 1800's.


Kim said...

I remember seeing a few of these at the red and white show in NYC do you?

Happy Sewing

Patti said...

So touching. A lovely quilt too.

Anonymous said...

Special quilt that many will remember for the event that prompted it. I am pleased to have seen it. Thanks for posting.