Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bold Applique Quilt

This bold antique applique quilt is listed at Laura Fisher Quilts in New York City. 
This unique 19th century quilt is priced at $4,500. Wouldn't that amaze the quilt maker?
(The dimensions are not provided, but I'm guessing it's queen-ish size.)


June Calender said...

For this, and in many other instances, I'd love to know the dimensions of the quilt. Perhaps that information often is not available but when it is, it would be helpful to know. For Instance, my first impression was that today's quilt must be small but when I read the price, I thought it must be bed size. Big difference.

Sara said...

It is really a spectacular piece! The maker was a true artist. And YES i'm sure she would be blown away by the price on it today.

Thanks for sharing this! Eye candy!

Selvage Quilter said...

Unfortunately, the size wasn't provided on Laura Fisher's website. I'm curious too. I'm guessing it's pretty big.