Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Little Girl and a House Quilt

This little girl just got permission to touch the house quilt at a show in Toulouse, France. She looks so absorbed with that blue house.  I love this photo. 

You can see her in the first photo below, asking if she could touch it. Her mom said no, but Maite (a quilter and grandmother of 8) urged the mom to let her little girl touch it. Thanks for the precious photos, Maite!


Kim said...

Look how sweet she is hold her hands down so she doesn't touch it.....she can hardly resist and who can blame her...don't we all feel that way at a quilt show?

Lovely pictures :0)

Happy Sewing

Lynn said...

Adorable - maybe this is the spark for her to become a quilter someday.

Ali Honey said...

Oh I agree with Lynn. I bet she was telling a little story about who lived in that house - or who would like to live in that house. Fabulous photos! Thanks.

JoAnne said...


ThreeOldKeys said...

How sweet - what quilter could have said "no" to such a special request?

What a precious memory for their scrapbook.