Saturday, May 24, 2014

16-Patch Wedding Quilt

I like this quilt so much that I decided to offer similar custom quilts on Etsy
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This weekend at the wedding I'll try to get a photo of the bride and groom with their new quilt. 

The backing is lighter and prettier than it looks on my screen. I always add a sleeve just in case anyone wants to put it on a wall. It might be charming on a guest room wall. I like that fabric with the sticks on it (see below, bottom right). It's new from DearStellaDesign


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Love the quilt. It has inspired me to make one of my own. I have a couple of matching packages of charm squares- which will give me a total of 40 blocks. Not a large quilt- but I don't think I have the perseverance for a larger quilt with those blocks. Thanks for the idea.
Sally in Saint Paul