Monday, May 5, 2014

Quilts by Cherri House at Somers Quilt Show

Some of the quilts from Cherri House's new book Urban Views were on exhibit at the Northern Star Quilters' Guild quilt show. "City Beat" is shown above.
"City Lake" is shown below. I like that dense wavy quilting.

Cherri made "Jemma" (below) to showcase a collection of fabrics by Lonni Rossi. She used the bow tie block to great effect!

The herringbone pattern in "City Tracks" (below) gets depth and sparkle from all the different shades of red, orange, purple and gold.

"City Sky" (below) is a soothing blend of sky colors.

"City News" is all about creating transparency using solid colors. The bow tie block is more evident in this quilt than in "Jemma." 

These quilts are from the book "Urban Views" by Cherri House.


June Calender said...

Eye catching quilts. Interesting that only one uses prints.

JoAnne in southern California said...

Cherri House is one very talented woman!

Thanks for showing us these quilts. I have her City Quilts book and must put Urban Views on my wish list.

That Guild's show must have been spectacular. Lucky you getting to see all of those beauties!