Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sock Quilts!

This clever quilt "Odd Socks" was made by Juliet (originally from Scotland, living in New Zealand). Her blog is the Tartan Kiwi. You can see her patterns here. My favorite sock is the blue one in the upper right corner. I like those polka dots. Nice low volume background too.
Great job, Juliet!

Now I'm thinking about sock quilts, so here are some more.

The sock quilt (above) is the creation of Harriet Dennant. Lots of buttons and nice hand embroidery on this quilt.

The "Lost Socks" quilt was made by Teri Christopherson at Black Mountain Needleworks. She made a pattern for this quilt. 

This quilt "Looking for a Mate in Galesburg" was made from donated socks sewn onto felt. This was a public art project. You can read more about it on Susan Lenz's blog Art In Stitches.

Baby socks quilt made by heatherstrunk on Etsy. She makes them using the customer's baby socks.
Cute idea!


June Calender said...

What a cute idea!

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Tartan's sock going opposite shouts my name.

Michele said...

I love those socks! Absolutely adorable.

beth s said...

FUN post. ;)

Kelly Cline said...

Some great sock quilts! Baby sock quilt is a great idea!

Quilteuse Forever said...

C'est un post très amusant, merci !

Judy said...

I've never seen a sock quilt before. As an addicted sock knitter, I love them!!

Unknown said...

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