Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pastiche Quilt Pattern!

Gather up all your quilting fabrics for this one. Everything is on the menu: gorgeous favorites, ugly fabrics, old and new, large and small prints, the whole shebang. You only need a little strip so you won’t even miss it. Stash quilts make a nice souvenir of our quilt-making journeys.

The Pastiche* pattern has lots of helpful hints for better results and more fun. No stress.

*Pastiche: (pa-steesh'), noun, a work of art that mixes styles, materials, etc. Hodgepodge.

See the Pastiche pattern. Please spread the word on Pinterest, blogs, fb, etc. Thanks!


June Calender said...

I have an overflowing basket of strips of just about every kind of print. Maybe I'm due for a sew-athon to get rid of many of them.

Sherrill said...

Oh another beauty!! Love it!

Judy said...

What a great way to use strips!! I really like it!

Helen said...

I like making quilts that bring back memories of my quilting journey! I still have remnants of fabrics that I acquired in the 70's!