Saturday, August 2, 2008

Meet June Calender of New York City!

June Calender and I are both members of the Empire Quilters guild. We meet at the Fashion Institute which I think is pretty cool. I like to see the live fashion show as I walk to and from the meetings. (I tried to share half of my chicken salad sandwich with a very thin model one day at Starbucks. No luck, but we had a nice chat.)

June has been saving selvages for a long time, and now she is making a reversible quilt with selvages on one side. She is quilting the blocks as she adds selvages. Each of the blocks in the photo already has batting and backing. I guess if it's reversible, you can't really call it "backing." I will be intrested to see how she attaches all the blocks. Notice how she uses only the white stripe; very little of the printed fabric shows. You can read about her quilting projects, travels, and thoughts on her blog:


June Calender said...

Thanks, Karen. I'm having so much fun I may finish it in a couple of weeks and I'll post a picture when it's done. By the way, there's a quilter in Perth, Australia who bought your book because I told her about it in a penpal letter. I'm waiting to see what she makes, too.

Selvage Quilter said...

Hi June,

Was it Sam Farman? She lives in Perth. You can see her postcards in the July section of the blog.

Of course I realize there are more than a few quilters in Perth! But I can't help asking:)

I am so excited to hear from quilters who are enjoying using their selvages - especially from places far from our NYC.

Take a look at Elena McDowell's selvage quilt on the blog. She just sent me the photo tonight.

Good to hear from you.


Jodie said...

Can't wait to see the joining technique !! It looks great so far.