Sunday, November 2, 2008

Read Both Sides of this Stationery

My friend Helen Wolf, a quilter in Doylestown, PA (and member of Charm Girls and Wolf Gang), made this nice big note card. The selvages aren't sewn at all. She arranged them on an 8x10 piece of paper, then photocopied the arrangement on nice paper. Just fold the copy in half, and there you have it, great stationery. Both sides are fun to read (the selvages and the note inside). Need more stationery? Just hit that "Print" button again:) Thanks, Helen.j
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Chris said...

Very clever idea! You could do something similar and create your own fabric this way too!

Running low on slevages? Here is a way to create more without buying fabric!

Arrange the selvages (sewn or not sewn doesn't matter),photograph them,upload the picture to the computer and print out on fabric sheets. That way you could create repeatable designs with the same selvages. Great for patterns that need the same color schemes or if you have some special selvages that you don't want to sew up yet!