Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Martina's Selvage Pillow

Selvage quilter and lawyer Martina Odenthal of Cologne, Germany made this unique selvage pillow for her son. What a great combination of fabrics! The striped background fabric adds lots of energy. She is way ahead of the curve. Yayyy, Martina!

Visit her blog at: www.stufenzumgericht.blogspot.com.


QuiltChick said...

Love the fabrics! Great combination!

Vivian said...

Such a striking pillow. I went to Martina's blog. It's fascinating checking out a blog in another language, but as many have said, "We all speak quilt."
Not many English words on her blog, but I saw one quilting word that must be finding its way into several languages --> siggie (blocks).

Selvage Quilter said...

How did you ever figure out that siggie = blocks? I like the idea of some international quilting jargon, though.