Friday, August 21, 2009

Surprise from Dianne Springer!

You've probably heard of "Quilt in a Cup." (You make a mini quilt and insert it into an insulated cup for a quick fun project - and perfect for selvages.) Now Dianne Springer also has "Quilt in a Clock," "Quilt in a Mousepad," "Quilt in a Clipboard," "Hooked on a Quilt," "Quilt on a Chair," and a rug pattern too! You can see all this cool stuff at:

While Dianne is busy coming up with all these ideas for adding quilt charm to useful objects, she saves her selvages for me! Am I lucky or what? The photo above is just the top of a big pile of selvages that arrived today! Gotta go sew. Bye for now.

One more thing: you could use selvages for any of her projects. See my "Selvage Quilt in a Cup" here: Send photos of what you make to the Selvage Blog. We want to see!

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Cindy said...

Oh, what cute concepts Dianne has. I'd never heard of any of these ideas before. Have to make a quick jump over to check her out. Thanks for sharing.

BTW - I've been saving my selvages. I find I have more "short" selvages than longer ones. I'll find something to make with them - meanwhile - my selvage stash slowly but surely increases.

Greenmare said...

oh you lucky lucky selvage girl!!!! I'm so totally jealous! how much fun are all those going to be????

Darlee Byron said...

Isn't quilting such fun!! And what a great surprise for you to receive. I simply love the selvage blog!

Exuberant Color said...

Oh what a delicious pile of selvages. If mine weren't so neat and sorted right now I would pile them up like that!