Tuesday, August 11, 2009

She said she wouldn't, but she did!

Make more selvage purses, that is. Joan Jordan says:

"After I made the original selvage purse, I said I wouldn’t make another one, but I’ve made two more. As with every selvage project, no two are exactly alike. It takes me about twenty hours to make one, although I figure I could shave some time off if I could convince the cat to go away while I’m working!"
Aren't they pretty? That polka dotted fabric looks great with her selvages. One of these is for sale on Etsy (see links below). I wonder when Joan's going to make her next batch of selvage purses!

This is the view of Joan's backyard from her screened porch. She lives northwest of Atlanta. I like those little birdhouses. What a verdant paradise!




Sarah said...

Sometimes it's nice to spend far too long on a single project as the satisfaction you get from it is so worth it. Very nice bag indeed!

My girls love you selvage tiger!!

Fiesta said...

very nice and unique bag.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What an incredible view. And such a creative selvage purse. I always look forward to your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Anya said...

Love those bags!