Saturday, May 1, 2010

Patty Altier's Jumbo Selvage Pin Cushion

Patty Altier of Akron, Ohio says "Go big, or go home!" This pin cushion is made from her African fabrics and selvages, and it measures 8" x 5 1/4!" Well okay then. Take a look at the big bead in the middle, perfect!

Patty is a big thinker. She's making a Millennium Charm Quilt using 2,000 different fabrics from the 1900's. She's also making a stone wall in her front yard, and she recently decided to move it 4 feet. I thinking I need a nap!
Take a look at her blog:


Stephanie said...

I thought BIG only happened in Texas. I know a certain someone, Jackie, who would love the fabrics in this great pincushion.

Linda said...

I am totally fascinated ! when did all this selvage collecting start?? I will have to see what the vintage and antique trade can come up with !
Every time I visit you girls I am blown away by your inventiveness ,I love to visit Warm wishes Linda

patty a. said...

Karen, This is Patty from Ohio and thanks for posting about my big pincushion. I ended up giving it away - the person was traveling and I told him he could use it as a little pillow for the plane and then and pincushion when he got home. That made him smile.