Sunday, May 30, 2010

Selvage Book Cover from Oman!

This colorful selvage book cover was made by Alia from Oman! Okay, I still get excited about hearing from quilters from exotic far-away places. We even have some of the same fabrics. The world is getting smaller and smaller!

Above is the left sleeve with her label attached. Below see the right sleeve. I like the big leaf.

Alia likes to add red grosgrain ribbon for her bookmark. She says that may become her signature style; her "thing." Nice idea.

Alia says there is a quilt shop in Dubai called Classic Quilts and Quilting. They buy top name quilt fabrics for only $2.60/yard! Needless to say, visitors from the UK, US and Europe stock up when they can! She says Dubai is wonderful for shopping. Maybe we should visit!
Alia is friendly and funny, and you'll feel like you've visited with a quilting friend from far away. Visit:


Anonymous said...

Well I will stop next time in Dubai and shop, we pay top dollar in Australia up to $ 25 per meter and even when the $ is nearly 1 to 1 with the USA.
Someone is making a packet here.
We pay twice wholesale as our distributors purchase wholesale in the US and then our shops are buying here from them, so if the fabric cost $6 wholesale for our wholesale here they sell it for $ 12 to the shops and the shops sell it for $ 24 to us.
Hm, this is why I purchase some things on line and yes the fabrics are all the same.

Alia said...

Thank you Karen for featuring my little book cover! I'm sooooo excited about it!!! Wooo-hooo!!

Christine and anyone coming to this region; let me know and I will hook you up with where to shop!

From what the gentlemen told me; the bolts they get in this part of the world are 'rejects' from America!!?? Most of the time the little blip doesn't matter to us. Once, my friend bought a couple of yards in Dubai of Christmas fabric and when she got back to Oman, she put it away. About a month or so later, she opened it up and freaked when she saw that about 2 yards were blurred in the center. She quilts but doesn't hang with the Muscat Quilt Guild. She called me and I called my friend that was going to Dubai for the weekend and she sorted it out EVEN with the same fabric.

Moral of the story: Open up your fabric of choice and inspect it here!

Thanks again ladies!!!!!

PS. I'm coming home to St. Louis, MO; and Cleveland, OH in June!! Yipeee!

Linda said...

Ah me, yes! I was in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) in 2006, thanks to a DD who has had international work assignments. Met a lovely Arab quilter. Didn't find a quilt shop, but went to a fabric souk (market), and found those incredible prices on U.S. brand fabrics. I brought home heaps!

gloria said...

Is very beautiful and a nice idea.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting info...makes me want to go to Dubai

Susan said...

Congrats, Alia, on your Selvage Blog feature! Nice book cover, too.

Have a great trip home, enjoy!