Saturday, August 14, 2010

Awesome Spider Web Quilt

Isn't this a gorgeous spider web quilt? It was made by Tia at Camp Follower Bags and Quilts (see for more photos of this and other cool stuff). The colors are wonderful, and take a look at those quilted spider webs in the white areas! I love black and white striped binding; that's exactly what I would have chosen.
Tia is a military wife, and you can meet General Stanley on her blog. :)


Anonymous said...


taht is very lovly.
Wat for many work!!!!

The colors is sweet,i love it

greatings sent you Conny

Needled Mom said...

It is just gorgeous and so soft looking.

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous! Love the fabrics, quilting, and striped binding. I'm excited to make one.