Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunrise on Golden Pond

On Saturday morning I got up at 4:30AM to climb Rattlesnake Mountain in the dark (with my husband Jason and sister Eileen) to watch the sun rise over Squam Lake in Holderness, NH. You may remember this lake from the movie "On Golden Pond." I recommend that movie for great scenery and some funny lines. It was so quiet and beautiful this early in the morning. The lake in the distance is Lake Winnipesaukee. It's a much bigger lake, busier too.

As the sun got higher in the sky, the colors changed (below). Isn't this beautiful? I love it here.
After this excursion, I went back to bed for a few hours! Then Eileen and I went to Keepsake Quilting, 10 minutes away from her house in the town of Center Harbor, NH. Of course we found some fabrics that we needed. I got some pea green Kaffe ikat fabric that I'm sure will come in handy. That night we had the "dump dinner" (see yesterday's post). What a perfect day!
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FlourishingPalms said...

Squam Lake is very pretty. I can imagine how it felt and sounded to be there. What a nice opportunity for you! And thank you for this bit of movie trivia... that "On Golden Pond" was filmed on this lake.

Linda, who lives not far from where "Bridges of Madison County" (Iowa) was filmed, and is less than two hours from the "Field of Dreams."

Needled Mom said...

Loved the movie, but your pics are really fabulous. I can imagine what it will look like in another month or so.

I am so jealous....Keepsake Quilting!!!!! I need to make it a vacation plan someday.