Monday, August 16, 2010

Modern Log Cabin and Stone House

This modern log cabin house is the creation of Olgga Architects in Paris, France. Now we'll have to think up some new log cabin quilts to go with it.

This house was built between two boulders in the Fafe mountains in Portugal. It was inspired by the Flintstones cartoons. Photo by Feliciano Guimaraes.
So there you go, some creative input to tickle your fancy today.


kwiltmakr said...

I always loved the Flintstones. Not much maintenance on that house.

Shelly said...

The flintstone house looks like a large radio to me.

Sylvia Reguero said...

Well, original and beautiful.
Please show us

Stephanie said...

Very unique. It would be fun to use the log cabin as a quilt inspiration. Will you?

Selvage Quilter said...

Well, I'm thinking about it. (Using the log cabin for quilt inspiration, that is.) Nothing has hit me yet. I'll let you know when it does. How about you?

Tatkis said...

Really interesting houses :) thanks a lot for sharing!

Best wishes,

venugopal said...

Wow! super! wonderful! it amazing I liked very much .. super design ..

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