Thursday, November 4, 2010

You Are Needed to Make a Heart Block

Please make a healing heart quilt block for Myra who is battling cancer right now in New Zealand. Her friend Karen Jones says it will be a big encouragement for Myra to receive heart blocks in the mail from us. Karen should know. When she had cancer all her quilting buddies made the blocks for the quilt shown above. Karen is doing well now, and this quilt is a very special keepsake. (By the way, Myra made three of the blocks in Karen's quilt.)

Here are the details. Blocks should be applique heart(s) on a 6 1/2" square background of white on white, or cream on cream. Any applique method is okay, and if you like, any kind of embellishment is fine too. Please write your name on the front of the block, and your country (or state) too. That could be written in pen or embroidered. The hearts should be pastel shades of pink, blue, or purple. Or floral prints in any of these colors. When you're ready to mail your block, email Karen Jones to get Myra's address: (There's a _ between Karen and Jones.)

So, all hands on deck! Hup, hup! I'm going to make one. I'll show you when it's done. I'll add your block photos to this post too, and put a link in the sidebar so we can follow our progress.

The Blog Tour destination today is Kim Knight's blog: True Up.


Joanne Lendaro said...

Count me in! I'll get one done today and post about it! I made one of these quilts a couple of years ago for a friend who's son
(21yo)just passed away this year. It was a very special quilt for her.

stufenzumgericht said...

Dear Karen,
what a wonderfull idea, so please count me in. Tomorrow, I'll send you a photo of my heart-block!
Yours, Martina

Leeanne said...

All made, please check out my blog if you want to see photo's.

Unknown said...

Thank you Karen, Joanne, Martina and Leeanne for making blocks for Myra. I'm sure she'll love them. Can't wait to see all the photos. Leanne, your blocks are gorgeous. Karen NZ

Michele said...

It was a blast to make a heart block. Thanks for letting us know Karen. Mine's on my blog.

beth said...

I made a block and blogged about it. Hope you get lots and lots of quilty encouragement sent Myra's way. :)

Mary C said...

I'd like to make a block, is there still time? What is the deadline?

Susan said...

A wonderful idea - I will certainly make one and post it off. And I will tell my quilting friends as well - the more the merrier! And a special hug & prayer for Myra.

LesQuilts said...

Hi Karen!
Yup, I'll send a heart too!
My Giving Heart has been busy these days, you will see if you visit my blog. I've also posted about your post on my blog and added the button too!
It will take a while to get there from Canada, but it will get there.
Bless your Giving Heart too!
Take care, Leslie

baukje said...

Do you still need heart blocks? I made two so I could send them to you; If so please mail me your address so I can mail them today..