Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Selvage Mummy

Now you've seen it all! Haha. Riel Nason (acccomplished selvage quilter and author of a brand new novel coming out this October) is making a selvage mummy quilt. She has more photos of it on her blog.

It looks like Riel's son is enjoying this project. I think she's going to win the Very Cool Mother award. My sister Eileen earned that award when she organized a sword-throwing contest at her son's pirate birthday party. I held the title one day when I asked my young sons to kill a rattlesnake with BB guns. It was 2' from our house. We lived in TN. Do you have a Very Cool Mother story?


seƱorita mandarina said...

que gracioso

Riel Nason said...

Ha, Thanks for posting this Karen! I always check your blog while drinking my morning coffee and it was a fun surprise to see my mummy staring back at me!!! I don't know about the cool mom, but I will say I am very lucky that my kids like/join in with my quilting. They have both said that when they grow up they are going to make a quilt for me. :-) Riel

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

pretty cool! I would have never thought of making a mummy! LOL.

I held the Pretty Cool Mom Award for the Jellies. They are those clear plastic shoes for little tiny girls. The Easter Bunny would bring them in her basket each year. But there was that dreaded year she grew out of the kid's sizes. She was sooooo disappointed not to have them in her basket that year.

I searched high and low and paid a small forture, but I found some adult jellies for that girl!

Now 26 years later the jellies are easier to find in adult sizes. We still laugh when she gets them at Easter!


quilter501 said...

This one sounds really wild (and probably not wise) ....but when my son was 17 and we were driving in Montana on a straight away freeway where you could see the road ahead for miles (no cars, no woods with animals).....and they didn't have a speed limit other than "what is prudent and safe"....I let him take our car just up to 100 and right back down to 75. ..all in about 3 minutes. He was so ecstatic....and for the next few years, there was no one cooler. He no is an airline capt. and says it set his dream for speed...but promised me he never did it again in a car.

Selvage Quilter said...

Oh, those are good stories. The money you spent for the jellies was well spent if she is still remembering the event! And it's good your son got over his desire to drive so fast with you in the car. Cool moms are wise moms imho.

Di said...

My daughter (an animal geneticist) recently sent me a desperate-sounding text message in the middle of the night (my time) from a sand dune in the Kalahari Desert, the only place for miles around with 3G reception. Her iPad had "died". From the comfort of my nice warm bed I was able to send instructions and solve the problem. The next text message, "Mum, you're a ****** legend!", made me feel very cool indeed!

FabricFascination said...

I don't remember this, but my daughter says I let her and my son (young teens at the time) ride on the hood of the car through an apple orchard one year on our way to pick apples. Obviously the car was going very slowly, but still, probably not the best idea I ever had. They thought it was really cool though.

Kim said...

How about a motorcycle vacation with Mom, Dad and son all on their own motorcycles meeting up in Michigan and having a super time riding together with the new girlfriend :0) on the back. ( she drove her car though the rest of us rode our bikes to the meeting place....Mom and Dad from NY!)
Hey I'm cool :0)

Happy Sewing

Andrea, the little collector said...

What a fun quilt!

Hmmmmm...I'll have to start preparing some ideas to be a future cool mom! :)