Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Green Robot

This summer the Shelburne Museum in Vermont had a Steampunk exhibit. This is Robby the Robot.
If Robby decided to help you with your quilting, what tasks would you assign him?

 I think I'd ask him to baste the quilt layers together, maybe even do the quilting if he was up to it.
 He looks pretty smart! 


Jodie said...

Robbie could do all the cutting out for me (of any projects, not just quilts!)

patty a. said...

Picking all those loose threads that seem to show up all over the top in progress. Somehow I missed a long black thread when pin basting the wedding quilt and I found it showing thru the white backing after I had turned the quilt over to weave in the end threads. It took some work to pick it out of the quilted block, but I did manage to get it out. Robbie would have never let that happen!

Terri said...

Basting - I hate that part.

city said...

thanks for sharing.