Thursday, September 13, 2012

Treasury of Antique Quilts

Take a look at this antique string star quilt for sale on Etsy from Nancy Bee in California.

Also see this Treasury of 16 antique quilts. You'll be inspired. They're amazing!


patty a. said...

I just love old quilts! There is an antique/junk shop down the block from where I work and they hang out quits for sale outside along with other treasurers. They have had a couple of interesting quilts hanging lately so I think I will have to take a walk at lunch today and take some pictures. I have to look at one in particular that was an unusual block I had never seen before.

Dawn said...

Beautiful Quilts! Thanks for sharing.

electricdunce said...

What a treat, you always find the most interesting items, and you are so good to share them. That delectable mountains one is astounding. I can't imagine creating something so complicated and precise.