Monday, August 4, 2014

Progress on the Pine Burr Quilt

All the pine burr blocks are finished! Next comes the sashing and assembly. Maybe the sashing should be gathered so it's more 3-D, compatible with the thick blocks. The sashing will make the circles look rounder because it will hide the slightly wonky outer edge of the blocks. 

I had a relaxing weekend: sewing, listening to music and podcasts, reading, having tea outside enjoying the birds, baking, and going out for dinner with my DS. I hope you did too.


sallgood said...

So cool!

Cascade Quilts said...

I think the idea for the gathered sashing is an excellent one!

Annemieke said...

Looks fabulous all ready. I like your border ( and sashing fabric too?) fabric. I made one too and had to find out for myself how to sew everything together and how to quilt it. I'm curious how you are going to do this.