Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I Love Lilacs

This photo is so realistic, I can almost smell these lilacs!
Do you think fragrances can be a source of artistic inspiration for quilt makers?
I think so. Al least I'm going to pay attention and see if this is so.
What fragrances do you love? Leave a comment.
Here are some of my favorites:
1. freshly mowed grass

2. roses

3. pizza

4. baking bread

5. pine needles warmed in the sun

6. lilacs


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I have to go with the food ones, I am allergic to the flower smells, perfumes, washing machine scents, whatever. All the sweet stuff kills me.

But the food, oh the food. Baking bread, lasagna, chai tea. I think i see a trend here......

Dejnen said...

Lilacs is one of my favorites too. Bedlinen dried in the sun, seeweed, sunwarm strawberries, roses (Rosa rogosa). But the best of all - ever - is the smell of a babyneck.

Jill said...

Love fresh-cut lavendar and outside line-dried sheets.

Joan said...

Lilacs make me sneeze, but I love gardenias. And cookies baking.

patty a. said...

I love the smell of salmon cooking, almond, vanilla, oranges, the spring air, lavender, popcorn, the Pacific ocean, bread and cookies.

Diane said...

I lost my sense of smell at age 50. Your post brings back fond memories.

Unknown said...

Some of my favorite smells include:
tomatoes fresh from the garden
a box of brand new teabags

and (this one is really weird and you'll all think it's gross)


Mary said...

Besides what you've already listed, I love the smell of lemon and vanilla together and there's nothing like the smell of a baby!

syocom said...

My Grandmother's roses, there linked to my childhood along with other flower scents but rose is my favorite. The smell of wheat grinding for bread, butter and sugar creaming together, and apples the fresh scent of an apple is so intoxicating.

June Calender said...

Definitely lilacs! And fresh bread, cinnamon, especially in apple pie, peony (I wish I could do a realistic peony in a quilt!) movie popcorn, new mown grass, hyacinths, wood smoke on a chilly day

Judy said...

Gardenias, the smell of rain in the mountains, and homemade pizza baking in the oven :-)

Wendy Caton Reed said...

I am a little weird I know but I LOVE the smell of a horse, especially on a warm sunny day.

Anonymous said...

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