Monday, February 2, 2015

Raccoon Block Pattern

I'm not usually a big fan of cute stuff, but isn't this cute? This block pattern is from Beth at PieceByNumberQuilts (from Ohio) on Etsy. Nice job, Beth!

It's not a groundhog but it's close. :)


ThreeOldKeys said...

This critter looks so innocent, doesn't he? He couldn't possibly have been in those trash cans.

The designer Beth does amazing paper piecing patterns! I especially like the scotty dog -- I just visited the shop.

Beth said...

Thanks very much for featuring my raccoon block on your beautiful blog, Karen! I'd never thought about doing anything with my selvedges, but seeing your blog is getting me thinking :-)

I also enjoyed the comment above about how innocent he looks. Reminds me how my Labrador could also look so innocent even surrounded by shreds of toilet paper and shoes...