Friday, January 20, 2012

Meet Modern Folk

Modern Folk is the Etsy shop of Jacob de Graaf of the UK. He sells "cross stitch patterns with a folk aesthetic influenced by traditional embroidery with a Scandinavian touch."

The pattern for the heart in the top photo comes in an email as a 4-page pdf file for $5.50. To open the file you need Adobe Reader which you can download for free here: This is is a popular way to buy books and patterns these days. I'm getting to like it. No delivery charge, you have it in minutes, less $ than a paper copy, and I can always find it (in my Documents file). I have about 4 pdf patterns and books that I view on my computer (not my Kindle, that's different).


Diane said...

These are just beautiful. Cross stitch is one of my long time loves. And in everyone's favorite color combination, red and white!!!

Kim said...

Oh yes look at that beautiful red.
what delightful designs....hmmmm start another project?

Happy sewing

Leila said...

Oh, I love this! Thanks for sharing!