Monday, January 30, 2012

Come Fabric Shopping in Tokyo

There is a little fabric shop near Tokyo, Japan called Miss Matatabi. The shop specializes in modern Japanese fabrics and trims. If you have a minute, follow the link to the shop. Or just take a look at these picks. I'm enjoying reading the text in the fabric above. I was curious about the "jewelry casket." The basket fabric below has a little French text. What is it about fabrics that you can read that makes them so enticing?

The ad for the fabric above says these little animals are goats. They look more like lambs to me.
Haha, cute clcothesline image below!

Take a look at the little spoons in the selvage below. Or maybe they're flowers. I'd like to see more of the selvages in this collection.

If we were really in Tokyo, we'd ask Frances the shop owner to suggest a place for lunch. Too bad...virtual has it's limitations!


heartsofhampshire said...
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heartsofhampshire said...

You really had me going there- that will teach me to speed read! I was about to look up the address for when I go to Japan in march!! However, I am hoping to find many such wondeful shops for real!
Heather x

Kim said...

Let's go shopping in Japan!

Happy Sewing

Rosa said...

Fabulous.Let`s star shopping!

The Calico Cat said...

"What is it about fabrics that you can read that makes them so enticing?"

I don't know, but I LOVE THEM!

sally in st. paul said...

My guess about the word "casket" is that it refers to jewelry box. Sometimes the translations back and forth between Japanese and English turn out to be rather amusing and confusing.
sally in st. paul

shirley said...

thank you for this ..... i went and shopped. great etsy shop.

Unknown said...

I was wondering about the "jewelry coffin." The bag clothing below has a little France textual content.

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