Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Are You Suffering from SO?

Elena McDowell is seeing selvages everywhere...even when they're not selvages! Tell your doctor if you experience this symptom as it may be a sign of Selvage Overload. (I've been watching too many TV commercials.) We're all here for you, Elena!

All those color windows really would look nice in my upcoming "Triangle Trellis" selvage quilt. I feel a case of SO coming on too!


Elena said...

I feel so much better now, knowing there is a clinical name for my condition!! Since Raleigh is shut down today due to 4-6" of snow, I think I will go dive into my box of selvedges and see what I can make!!

Stephanie said...

Now I'm going to go check the yogurt in my fridge!

Claudia said...

You really make interesting things out of selvages. I think I will also start to cut them off , store them and see what I will do.!
Thanks for sharing your ideas.

jovaliquilts said...

Ah, too funny!
And a Kenya mug on inauguration day -- I'm assuming that was no accident!