Saturday, January 24, 2009

Woven Selvage Postcard by Vicki Welsh

This cheerful woven selvage postcard was created by Vicki Welsh who lives near Richmond, VA. It was made for a swap that had a recycle theme. The flower fabrics came from old tee shirts. I like how she made the center of the flower using lots of thread.

Vicki says she is obsessed with anything involving fabric and thread. (You're among friends here Vicki!) Don't miss her blog:, especially the post about Christmas ornaments. She has 120 teacup hooks in a closet where she stores the most beautiful collection of handmade ornaments. You have to see it. She is funny, too.

Thank you to Ann Marie (of Run and Sew Quilts) who told me about this postcard. This is what inspired Ann Marie to start sewing with selvages!


Mary Johnson said...

I love Vicki's blog but had forgotten about this postcard. She's very creative.

Vicki W said...

Thanks for the very nice mention! For anyone that wants to know, I weave the selvages and fuse them to WonderUnder starting in a corner and fuse as I weave. I make it in very large sheets and then cut out postcard backgrounds or appliques as I need them.

Elena said...

Thanks for the tips re. fusing the woven selvedges--I love hearing about all the new and fun things people are doing with those colorful little gems!!

Selvage Quilter said...

Thanks, Vicki. That's a very clever idea to fuse the woven selvages in large sheets with Wonder Under. Then you can be ready to whip up something fast!