Thursday, January 29, 2009

Brenda's Selvage Bag

Brenda of in Manitoba, Canada recently whipped up this zippered selvage bag. For this project she decided to feature lots of color windows. I think that looks twinkly! (You know, like stars.)
I like how selvage quilters roll with the punches and come up with do-able solutions to quilt "situations." Near the top of the middle photo, there wasn't enough overlap of two selvages, so she just applied a patch. (It's checkered fabric.) I think it looks good. Would you ever have noticed that if I hadn't pointed it out? I doubt it, unless you're one of those forensic types.
Brenda sometimes pieces her selvages together without the use of a foundation fabric. Her objective is to minimize bulk to make the machine piecing easier. She says it works fine. Thanks for the idea, Brenda!

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stufenzumgericht said...

What a great idea, love it!!!