Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sonya's Selvage Wall Panels

Sonya of Ballarat, Australia made these three padded wall panels with selvages. You really should read her story on her blog: She came to love the look of selvages a long time ago when her Grandmother left the selvage on some cupboard curtains. She told Sonya that the fabric was too expensive to throw any of it away.

Does Ballarat, Australia sound familiar? Yes, that's where Jodie of Vintage Ric Rac fame lives. She's the creator of that amazing selvage dress that I keep a photo of on the sidebar. About 16 quilt bloggers in the Ballarat area got together for a picnic recently. Of course, it's nice and warm there right now. They had such a blast. You can read about it on all the blogs! Jodie links to all of them, so if you have lots of time, visit:

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Sonya said...

Thanks Karen for your lovely words. As fashions change and come around again, hopefully fabric will always have selvedge, to help us remember the colours and patterns that once fitted beautifully into our lives. My moto is that selvedge isn't the end of the fabric, it's just the beginning.
Cheers, and keep up the good work, celebrating craft and sewing 'on the edge'.