Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Do You Know Anyone at the North Pole?

Other than Mr. and Mrs. Claus, that is. Ros at who lives in London, emailed me about "Arctic Mum," a blogger who lives close to the North Pole. I didn't know anyone lived there! Mum blogs about the Arctic lifestyle, the Northern lights, family, craft projects, etc.
And look at two of her photos (above) - aren't they beautiful and interesting? You have to check this out: Let's all say "Hi!" to Arctic Mum on her blog today.


orsolya vanessza kiss said...

Snowing... It's very beautiful... !!

Hungary isn't snow.... 11 degres celzius now.


Unknown said...

Those pictures are beautiful! I must check out her blog now.

stufenzumgericht said...

I'm sure, you'll meet Santa Claus there, too ;-)
Hugs from Martina

Bobbi said...

A good friend of mine moved to Quinhagak, Alaska this summer... She writes about her adventures here:

Arctic Mum said...

Hi, what an honour to be featured at your blog, thank you! Amazing that so many thinks it's exciting to live so far north - cause sometimes it feels a bit too weathery..The comments are warming!

Selvage Quilter said...

I know what you mean; but it feels a bit weathery in many hot hot places too. :)

Another expression I've heard: "It feels airish," meaning chilly.

I guess you have to stock up on supplies since you can't always go out for milk and bread or prescriptions or postage stamps. I'd have to be more diligent that way. But being snowed in is kinda nice for a while. Maybe.