Monday, December 28, 2009

Karen Jones of NZ - Hand Bag Challenge

Karen Jones of Wellington, NZ created this lovely "hand-bag" for a guild challenge.

Above, you can see inside the bag. Wow, what a neat job!

Here's what she had to say about it:

"Well, last month I won Viewers Choice at my new Quilt Club in a bag challenge. We had to use the Club logo which reads Hand of Friendship.

So I rang some of my quilting friends and asked them to draw around their hands. I also rang my sister (who I have taught how to quilt ) and I already had my Dad's hands. He had enormous hands and we had drawn around them before he died.

I used these hand prints to feature on my square hold-all tote.... I also used 3 of my grandchildrens hands to make the HANDle.. and my oldest grandson's hand which were too big, I used to make a needle book. I used old buttons and cottons given to me by friends and my Mum over the years. It was certainly a challenge putting it together but I am so proud of my idea. And now everyone in my new Club knows me already."

Well done, Karen! What a grand entrance into your new quilt group. That bag is stunning.

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PatchworkRose said...

Great Bag Karen and so personal
I used the hands of the family including a very special grandparent who had died on the back of a4 quilts made for her grandchildren The hands were fabrics of each persons personality and the little hands of the children were inside the ring of adults hands - both parents and grandparents and a special Aunt.

WoolenSails said...

Wow, that is a wonderful bag and beautiful inside and out.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful idea - very special - Houdini