Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jenny's Selvage Apron

Jenny from New Zealand made this Christmas apron using selvage strips in the bib (see the close-up photo below). Isn't that clever? It remends me of those Bavarian style lace-up bodices. It was made for a challenge in her quilting group. I like Jenny's best. You can see more on her new blog:

Thank you for all the book recommendations yesterday! I went to the library and got stocked up. We are getting snow and ice all day today. I also have some chicken and veggies for a pot of soup. Perfect!
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Jackie said...

Cute apron! By the way, Congratulations is in order. I just picked up Quiltmaker Magazine and low and behold you are in there with your quilt! I saw that quilt hanging at the Empire quilt show and just loved it. Now I can make one too! Thanks for sharing it with us again.

kwiltmakr said...

Very clever. I like the idea of using the selvages from the fabric right into the project itself.

Jenny said...

This is my first selvage project, but I have plans for many more. Special thanks to Karen for featuring my apron on her wonderful selvage blog.
Jenny from New Zealand

Lis said...

Hi, just come to your blog from Jenny's. I love the great things you're doing but am utterly amazed that it's possible to actually buy selvedges!!