Sunday, December 6, 2009

Quilts in Times Square!

Here's the (abridged) scoop from The City Quilter in NYC:

Quilts are back in Times Square, courtesy of Panasonic's 28' X 38' foot Astrovision screen! The quilts will appear four times each hour from now until New Year's Eve. So quilts will be visible in Times Square during the Macy's Day Parade (I can only hope for a network camera shot!). I'm amazed and pleased...I was just so struck by how great it was to see these giant quilts in this American nexus of arts and culture.

The quilts are: Judy Doenias' "Carmen Miranda," Anita Solomon Grossman's "Key West Beauty," "In Our Time" by Judy Doenias, Diane Rode Schneck's "Dear Jane," Ellen Yamaguchi's "New York City Lights," and Cathy Izzo's "Batik Schoolhouse." - The City Quilter

The photo above is from a previous year. The quilt is called "Kitschin Jane," by Any Ronis. I hope to visit Times Square this month and update the photo. I can't wait to see it!

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Jackie said...

I think it is just fabulous that they are showing the quilts!! Hopefully it will entice people to start up a new craft!

Melinda said...

Oh please go and take photos to share with us. I would love to see the quilts up there.

kwiltmakr said...

That is so neat. Do take some new photos