Saturday, June 22, 2013

Do You Like Bed Scarves?

I'm starting to think about adding bed scarves to my offerings on Etsy. But I can't decide if I like bed scarves or  not. They are pretty, but they're not "the real thing." I have mixed feelings about table runners too. 
Maybe I'll give them a try. Do you make them? Any thoughts?

The bed scarf shown above was made by Phyllis in Florida.
Take a look at this ruffled throw made by Abby Metz of diydesign! She calls it a ruffled throw. I like it, but I think my DH would be somewhat less enthusiastic. 

The crocheted bed scarf below was made by MackMade in England.

The lovely vintage crazy quilt bed runner below measures 30" x 60." It's offered on Etsy by Yesterday's Treasures 3 in Texas. Wow!


And here's one more if you're thinking about making hexies. It's from Susan Yoder of Florida.


Jenny said...

No - I for one do not like "bed scarves". It's got to be a bed quilt for me.

BJ Monitas said...

Well it depends. For my own bed I wouldn't use a bed scarf, but for my guest room it would be a nice welcoming detail and there I would like to have and use them. Kindest bjmonitas

JoyceLM said...

The bed scarf looks pretty but there's no function at that size. I'd make it twice as deep, fold it in half to display, and then it could be used as a lap quilt by someone lying on the bed. But maybe lying on the bed isn't allowed in the bed scarf universe.

jknapp00 said...

Not a fan of bed scarves. Don't really understand them. I prefer something functional. Now, table runners are another story! My table is an antique that my great grandfather made. It is rectangular with two chairs on each side and is not wide enough for placemats so I use a runner. I probably have a dozen and am always keeping my eye out for more.

Brenda said...

I agree with Joyce -- I'd prefer a throw at the end of the bed for a quick nap or extra warmth during the night. But I like and use table runners -- they protect my dining room table.

doodlebugmom said...

I say no to bed scarves too. A folded in half quilt at the end of the bed would be much more practical. (although, I could throw the crocheted one around my shoulders on a chilly day.)

I like a table runner, adds a little color and softness. Protects the table a bit.

Wacky Woman said...

I'm not a fan of them.

Jean said...

I think it 's a great idea, not sure how it will catch on. One good point is that you can switch them out for every season if you want, using the same quilted bedspread.

Quilt crazy said...

Interesting concept have never heard of it. Sure would be easier than a new king size quilt. Plus since I sleep with a down comforter year round, it would be fun way to add some different designs without the heaviness of a full quilt.

Susan said...

Nope see no use for them things called bed scarves. I can just as easily throw a whole quilt on as a little thing. I have a sister who started making the bed scarves, saying she could actually get something done. But if I never use it why make it. Never made a table runner either

Quilt Rat said...

Well, I suppose a bed scarf would be a great way to add some colour/print if you had a plain whole cloth quilt on the bed....but otherwise, no, I don't really see them as a useful object.....and the ruffles! Definitely not in this house! I don't do ruffles LOL!