Friday, June 7, 2013

Sara's String Quilt

The thing that I love best about this string quilt by Sara Collett (Seattle, Washington) is the border. Both borders: the pink roses on green, and the brown and light turquoise damask. They're busy and flowery, but they don't fight with the scraps in the center. I'd call this "cottage chic." Nice job, Sara!

Sara shows her paper foundation method for making this quilt in the post. I wouldn't bother with paper, just place a square ruler on it when you're finished sewing the strips together, then trim. No paper removal necessary. She says that part is fun. I don't know. :)


June Calender said...

I SO agree with your about the borders, and the term "cottage chic" seems exactly right. This is a delightful quilt.

Personally I hate removing papers although I enjoy paper piecing otherwise. For strip quilts I've been using drier sheets as foundation, no removal and sometimes a bit of residual nice scent.

Sew Surprising said...

Wow this is just perfect. Im currently doing string blocks with papers and thoroughly enjoy the process, its rather therapeutic, well I find it that way :)The boarders certainly make this and has me rethinking mine, so a massive thank you for the inspiration :)