Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to Make a String Quilt Block

This is a post for newbie quilters. Here's how to make a string quilt block. Use your 6" square ruler. Don't have a 6"? That's okay, use another size. Or another shape. 

You might want to make the center strip (above) using the same fabric in all the blocks so that you get a lattice effect. Make some blocks and play with them on your design wall. 

I like the yellow flower in the upper corner of this block. All the strips don't have to be the same width. The  strips are 1 1/4"- 1 1/2" wide.  But cut them whatever widths you like. This is a very casual method.

You might use sashing between the blocks. Maybe add an outer border. So many possibilities!
Have fun!


Carol said...

Karen, you might be interested to know that the Bee I am in is doing a fanned string block swap from your Fandango quilt on the cover of the book-don't remember the name of it right now. I LOVED making those blocks and bought a newsprint tablet to cut my foundations so I wouldn't have to keep measuring as I made the blocks--we are making them 9.5" untrimmed to swap. Taking the paper off has been easy. I enjoyed it so much as I added to them on my design wall, that I decided to enlarge the quilt so made enough blocks for another row wider and 2 rows longer--so is set 7x9. Those are finished so now on to the border string blocks. It's a great quilt and can't wait to finish it!

JoAnne in southern California said...

Carol, I had never thought of getting a newsprint tablet to use for a foundation. What a great idea! I've used muslin and some poly-cotton fabric I had no other use for. That made my sting quilts rather heavy before I ever got past making the top. I'm buying a newsprint tablet tomorrow, thank you.

Karen, several friends have asked me how to make a strip quilt, I;m going to tell them to look at your directions. They are very good, and beautiful too.

Selvage Quilter said...

I think I'll make a pattern for the Fandango quilt. The way I make it, you don't need any foundation at all.

The swap sounds like lots of fun. What a huge collection of scraps you would get that way.

Kelly Cline said...

I love string quilts. They are addicting!!!!

OliveStreetStudio said...

I've never done a String Quilt before, but over the past couple months, have thought about trying one....thanks for the post. Perfect timing!