Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ranunculus Flowers

When you were browsing the fabrics at comfort and joy fabrics this week, did you notice the fabric line called "Ranunculus?" Well this flower is called ranunculus! I didn't know that.  But they're not all green and white. Take a look at the variety below! So beautiful!


Olga Cabello said...

Very impresive!!!!.



June Calender said...

They're beautiful flowers. Thanks for today's bouquet.

Anonymous said...

I had fun sleuthing that out too, since I had never heard of these flowers before. What a perfect time of year for such a pretty flower, in picture and in fabric! Ranunculus by In The Beginning is due to arrive at comfort and joy fabrics in July, but is available now for Pre-Sale. :)

Terri said...

Ranunculus, sounds like a charm from Harry Potter. Pretty flowers.

JoAnne in southern California said...

Those are some of my favorite flowers but I had no idea there were so many colors. Thank you!