Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Even More Selvage Stashes!

Jennifer Duncan stores her selvages in this nice basket (above). When the basket is up on the shelf, some selvages peek over the edge so she doesn't forget them (below). We've seen some of her selvages in the past, remember those nice Japanese selvages with the little "pac man" type designs on them? See her blog at: http://www.jenduncan.typepad.com/
Britta in Germany has a whole boxful of selvages, nice and wide too (below). A rainy day, and she'll have a new selvage project! See her blog at: http://www.quilt-girlie.blogspot.com/.

Amy Sheridan of San Diego, CA keeps her selvages in a gallon zip-lock bag (below). That red and white striped one is going to look great! She's using my rule-of-thumb that when you have a gallon bagful, you're ready to make a selvage quilt.

Anya of PA keeps her sizable selvage collection in clear plastic bags (below). It looks like she has lots of quilting projects going in there. Check her blog to see what she's up to: http://www.hillscreekquilter.blogspot.com/.

Still more selvage stashes to come on May 9th, 13th, and 18th! Stay tuned.

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