Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seen Enough Selvage Stashes? I Didn't Think So!

Isn't Terri's selvage stash elegant? She says: "I just love the way the colors show through these beautiful glass apothecary jars and since my father and mother were pharmacists, it brings back memories of them at the same time."

Visit her blog "From Here to Quilternity" at: http://www.quilternity.com/

Nancy in Connecticut stores her selvages in the drawers above, according to length. Pretty fancy! Then, she stores her finished selvage blocks in plastic bags (below). Well, okay Nancy, but how about whipping them up into a nice quilt? They're really pretty. Show us what you make!
Check out her blog at: http://quiltingquandry.blogspot.com/.

Kathy's stash (below) is small but growing. Kathy is a quilter and a firefighter! You don't hear that every day! She lives in Maine and enjoys the outdoors and gardening.
Check out her blog at: http://beewitchinstitchin.wordpress.com/

When I saw this photo, I thought "Wow! She has a lot of the same fabrics as me!" I told her that in an email and she replied, "Well, that's because you sent me some!" Really? I don't remember that at all. Yikes. I wonder what else I'm up to (that I don't know about!).

Still more selvage stashes on the way! Stay tuned.

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