Saturday, May 2, 2009

More Selvage Stashes!

Kathi Price keeps her selvages on these interesting hangers (above). I think that little lizzard is waving at us. Very artistic. See Kathi's blog and Etsy shop at:

Susan McConnell keeps her selvages (above) in a brown paper bag! I think I see a gray Japanese selvage in there on the right. I bet she just doesn't want to tempt burglars. (I don't mean Anya and Rita, of course!)

Michele Lancaster keeps her selvages in a shallow box (above). Good idea, you can see what you're looking for. I love that colorful selvage front and center. It certainly is a "variety pack."

Jean of keeps her selvages in bags (above). Makes sense to me. I think I see enough selvages there for a quilt, Jean! Cool shamrocks.

This vertical selvage collection belongs to Debbie in Jerusalem. When she visits New York and New Jersey she stocks up on fabric (and selvages, of course). See Debbie's blog at:
More selvage stashes to come on May 5th, 9th, and 13th! Don't miss tomorrow's post: Julia Wood's "Tic Tac Tomato." It's really amazing!!


Jean said...

Yea I might have enough to make something....will have to find just the right thing!

kwiltmakr said...

I really have to start cutting so I can save some selvages too

Millie said...

I keep meaning to send you pictures of my selvage stash. I used to have them neatly folded in a big plastic bin, but they are now jumbled in any which way.