Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Want to See More Selvage Stashes?

Rachel at the Second Avenue Studio in Oregon keeps her stash in a brown paper bag. It's stuffed pretty tight. I like what she says in her blog profile: "I'm a quilter. I have a quiet place to do my work. Lucky me. I married a great guy with muscles and brains." :)

See Rachel's blog at:

Yes, Kelly Jackson has just one lonely selvage (above), but it is a pretty one. And you know, a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step! Keep up with Kelly's projects at:

Is this a pretty selvage stash, or what? As you recall, Carrie P. was the winner of the package of selvages in the recent give-away by the Fabric Square Shop. So I think we're going to need an updated photo of her selvage stash sometime. She has a lovely blog at:

Caution: Her blog may make you want to drop everything and take up applique!

Coming up: More selvage stashes on May 19th.


Barb said...

The last link says it doesn't exist and I wanna see!

Selvage Quilter said...

Yikes! There was a typo in the link but I fixed it. Go and see that blog; it really is nice!

Carrie P. said...

On selvage is all you need to get the fever. It is fun to see how everyone collects the selvages.