Thursday, April 28, 2011

Barbara Brackman's Snake Quilts

Isn't this a stunning antique Snake quilt? This is just one of 16 that Barbara Brackman is showing on her blog. She's been collecting photos of snake quilt variations for several years. I like how the cheddar blocks and the red block brighten this one up. And the high contrast snake segments look great. I've never considered making a Snake quilt until now. Another addition to my "To Make" list!

If you've made a Snake quilt, please email a photo ( and I'll post it here. If we get a bunch it will make an awesome exhibit for the Online Quilt Museum too.


Nicky said...

I saw those too and likewise thought it would be interesting to make - it's on my to maybe do list! Never even heard of them before...makes me think of snakes and ladders.

susiloci said...

No conocĂ­a este trabajo. Es una maravilla!!!

Leila said...

I loved that post! I hope to make one soon - ie in the next 5 years. :)