Thursday, April 14, 2011

Red and White Applique

I think I just set a new personal record for the most photos in one post, but I just couldn't eliminate any of these incredible applique quilts! Some are elegant, some are primitive; what a wonderful collection. Next week my DH and I will be in AZ and UT on vacation and I think I'll bring some applique. (With a little knitting on the side in case the roads are bumpy.)

These are interesting shapes (above and below). They look like the little seed pods from maple trees. My husband calls them little helicopters; I call them little shoes.

I imagine these are Democrat donkeys. I didn't see any corresponding elephants.

I really like these wheels (above) but I think they'd be a real challenge to make. The quilt below looks like applique and reverse applique. Lots of stitching, in any case!

Wasn't that fun? I love seeing all these quilts again with you. Are you inspired? (Duh!)

Yup, pieced quilts tomorrow. I hope you get to quilt today.

Happy birthday to Barbara Harrison!


Leeanne said...

Thank you thank you!!!!
YES we all want to make Red & White years to come they will say about all these Red & White quilts dating from around 2011!!!!

Béa said...

Thanks for sharing so beautiful pictures & close up. XO

Monica said...

I wasn't able to get to the show and I'm so grateful that you have taken the time to post all these pictures and closeups. Thank you so much! I'm truly inspired and humbled at the same time

Selvage Quilter said...

Leeanne, you are so right! I think there will be a huge number of new red and whites in the near future. I have a few in the works myself.

Needled Mom said...

I am soooo inspired!

Stephanie said...

I think after this post you're going to have to host a red and white challenge. So much inspiration and I'll bet if you take a vote everyone would love a red and white quilt!

Poppyprint said...

Totally inspiring. I just love and appreciate these designs for all of the time and work that has gone into them (plus, the love, too!). All of the quilts you are sharing from the exhibit invoke such a different response for me from the quick and easy stuff I make so often. It reminds me that I do want to get serious about a longer term project that requires mindful piecing and a 'slowness' to it. Thank you for sharing your photos!

Nifty Quilts said...

Yes, that WAS fun! Thanks for posting so many photos from the show.

Andrea, the little collector said...

You're going to my home state! Oh, enjoy! Hope it is warm and wonderful.

p.s. I love the photos after the one with the moons and horses and stars and cats...(almost sounds like a Lucky Charms commercial). The dots and curved shapes repeated across the entire quilt just sing to me.

Debbie said...

Thank you, Karen, for sharing all these photos. I enjoy it so much that you've divided it into manageable categories, with great closeups, and you're spreading it out over days (weeks? LOL!)

As the area that the event took place was my old stomping grounds, I was feeling especially bad that I was unable to attend. You've helped to make it better, Karen!

Kathie said...

so many beautiful quilts....
going down memory lane here!!!!
I am still amazed at what we all saw and experienced at the ARmory.
can't wait to see which ones your making :)